Privacy Policy

Logs/Cookies collects information on IP addresses, user locations, browsers, and operating systems whenever content is submitted. To better understand the population, we also record other sites visited before entering PrimeLeap and while leaving PrimeLeap.


We collect personal information when a user applies for a forum or account. We collect email addresses for contacting the user, birth dates to make sure everyone is older than 13 years of age, gender to better fit the site towards the users, and the country you live in to adjust timezones / server location.

Who sees the information we collect?

Only the Root Administrators and paid employees of PrimeLeap have access to the information we collect. will never share information with 3rd parties. If any user wishes to have the information collected on them purged from our databases, they may request it by emailing the Root Administrators (( or using the contact forms located at the bottom of every page.

Why do we collect information?

We collect information to provide a better service to our members and ensure the safety of not only the site itself, but the numerous users that access will not use the information we collect in ways that may be considered malicious or spam. We will only send emails when the user requests them, or opts to be part of our mailing list.